23rd Aug, 2011

7up w/ Aaron Shust

The Gospel Guru caught up with Centricity Recording Artist, Aaron Shust. Aaron’s new album ‘This Is What We Believe” is available everywhere music is sold, be sure to check it out! Now sit back, relax, and get a bit of 7up with Aaron Shust.

  1. Describe Aaron Shust in three words. I’m a family man, a child of God, and simple.
  2. How do you remain relevant in the music industry? Without trying too hard, when you think of relevant you think of what’s cool. I’ve heard people say Cool is defined by not caring about how you’re perceived. Part of me says if you try too hard to stay relevant, then you might not be relevant. There’s just something about relaxing in who you are.
  3. What was your inspiration for This Is What We Believe?My youngest son went through a lot of rough physical difficulties and spent a lot of time in children’s hospitals. That bought me to a place in my faith, and had to ask what do I believe? When I sat down to write songs I needed to declare what I believe, I needed to stand on the promises that are in the word of God.
  4. What was your experience like with producer Ed Cash, and how did that collaboration come about? Well, I was aware of his work mostly from Chris Tomlin and Leeland, big fans of both of those artists! Ed became highly recommended, but because of his schedule and my schedule we knew we wouldn’t be able to spend copious amounts of time together in the same room. We had to make it happen with him being in Nashville and me in Pittsburgh. We used video chat and did a lot of the pre-production. Maybe about 3 or 4 times I was able to go to Nashville and actually be in the studio with him, but we made it happen. It was a long process, but it wasn’t stressful and that goes back to picking the right person to do the project.
  5. Who are some artists/producers you would like to collaborate with in the future? I really feel a kinship with Ed Cash… so if it’s not broke don’t try and fix it! I know there are a lot of other great producers out there, but as far as other artists I like anyone that’s a worshipper at heart…Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Laura Story, just anyone in the worship world.
  6. Who are some artists that you look up to in the industry? Chris Tomlin, he was leading me to the throne room before I had ever written a worship song. He’s my favorite worship leader.
  7. As a Christian artist, how do you define success? Well, it has nothing to do with sales! Success is changing lives, and that includes my own. As God continues to work in me and through me, that’s success!

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