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Album Review: Anthony Evans – ‘Everything Else’
Posted on Dec, 2nd

Singer & Songwriter Anthony Evans has been known by his fans for many years as a worship leader and recording artist. Many also know him as the son of dynamic Bible teacher Dr. Tony Evans. Myself and many others have generally described his sound as the perfect blend of Christian (CCM) & Gospel music, which most albums in his catalog generally have consisted of. However, his latest album “Everything Else”, stands out as a very unique body of work, especially compared to his previous albums. This particular body of work speaks of real life situations that many Christians deal with all the time, but many aren’t always open/honest enough to express it artistically.

The title of the project was actually inspired by well-respected Christian Theologian C.S. Lewis quote: “We don’t need more songs by Christians about Christianity. We need more songs by Christians about everything else.” I do believe he achieved that goal with this new album.

With that being said, this project finds Anthony displaying some of what I believe to be the most transparent songs in his catalog to date. The opening track, entitled “Found” is sure to be a favorite. “I thought losing you, I’d be lost…but instead I’m found”. The song lyrics describe a relationship that seemed to be one you couldn’t live without, only to find out that removing yourself from it is the best thing you could do.

Another highlight on the project is the unexpected collaboration with Mr. Talkbox on the catchy up-tempo “Something Better”. This joint has personally been on repeat since the album released and is definitely a top 3 pick on the project. This collaboration with Anthony and Mr. TalkBox, while unexpected, was clearly one that was meant to be and crafted to musical perfection. “Temptation” is another standout track that speaks of the obvious. This song is a great example of why I love this album. The songs really do speak to the reality many, if not all Christians’ face and can most definitely relate to. The level and transparency displayed on this project is sure to be edifying and inspirational to a lot of people. Not only is the album a fresh sound for Anthony musically, but it introduces people to another side of who he is as an artist and as a man from a Christian perspective. The end result? Fresh sound. Fresh approach.

Album Favorites:
“Something Better (featuring Mr. Talk Box)”
“Let It Die” (featuring Benji)

  4.5 out of 5 Stars

Review by Terrell Smith

Download “Everything Else” here!

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