23rd Jul, 2018

Songwriter-Producer Aaron Freeman Releases New Single ‘Moving Forward’

New comer, producer-songwriter Aaron Freeman is making waves in gospel music with the release of his new single “Moving Forward” featuring gospel industry veteran Pastor Courtney Franklin.  This new up tempo track encourages the listener to move past your mistakes, wrong doings, and failures and to focus on your future!

Throughout his career Aaron has been afforded the opportunity to work with some of the greats in the genre of gospel music such as the late Shea Norman, Eddie James, Duranice Pace of the Pace Sisters, Michelle Prather and many more. Aaron has also had the opportunity to work with the iconic Alicia Keys.  Being no stranger to the church, Aaron has been a minister of music for over 15 years and recently made the leap of faith into the world of production and songwriting. There is definitely more to come from this vessel as he moves forward to his destiny! 
Download Moving Forward here!

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