25th Jun, 2015

Album Review: Sada K. – ‘Long Story Short’


Artist: Sada K.

Album: Long Story Short

Street Date: 1/23/15

Record Label: Indie

Genre: R&B/Pop

iPod Pick: Dance Through The Fire

Lyrical Gold: All I see is Us and me and I s. People aren’t we all people? Who’s the one who drew these line. We all about love. . . I am walking in love (From the song All About Love Feat. Jonathan Thulin)

If You Like: Stacie Orrico, Kierra Sheard, Jordin Sparks, Beckah Shae, Rihanna, Shontelle, Raze, Michelle Bonilla, Alexis Jordan, Jai, Ciara.

Sada K Jackson is a former member of the LA band Press Play which use to be in charge of worship at the Angelus Temple pastored by Matthew Barnnet. Sada’s record is deeply personal and spreads so much light and love. On the intro track she sets an expectant tone for the record saying ‘Everybody has a story. Mine is one I aspire to share. I have allowed my tears of pain and joy to wallow the seeds of my dreams. My eyes were cleansed by those tears and my vision is bright. I feel it deep in my soul, it’s time to shine my light.’

This is immediately followed by the jazzy Pharell Williams ‘Happy’ type song tagged ‘Live Love Laugh’.Wondaland records artiste and pioneer Janelle Monae would quickly come to mind with the grace with which Sada carries every tone of the song. The song celebrates the Joy God Jesus gives even amongst life’s pressure.

The stand-at-attention track called ‘Dance through the Fire’ comes up next. It so upbeat, groovy and features some fine hard clap at its end. For musical coordinates, think would happen if the music of Rihanna and the music of Aaliyah decided to have a baby, the streetness and the steadiness combined in one song.

Make It (See Us Win) brings back all we loved of the RnB of the 90’s from Envogue to 702 to SWV. Lyrically it shoots competition in the leg, telling the importance of winning together.

Fly is a great mood buster that starts with very easy vocals and then soars in its refrain repeatedly. It morphs from something that would suit a treadmill session in the gym to a worshipful time during a personal devo. Take Me Under is vocally powerful and imperatively confessional. Sweet and simple strings guide Sada as her voice soars on this one. Strength follows in the same vein. These songs paint a picture of the current circumstance and the promise of God in the land of the living becoming a reality.

I love the story arc on ‘Fix Me’, how it elevates and how the light shines at the end even though the angst described in the song.  The beat is tensional and suits the lyrics. It is a very beautiful song and you will get to hear some of Sada’s best vocal dynamics on this track.

Broken features some of the best lyrics on the record: Nothing can break me cause I’ve already been broken. Nothing can shake me cause I’ve already been chosen. . .I am giving my life to your call.

All About Love which feature Jonathan Thulin of Press Play is a personal favorite and would have been a preferred iPod Pick only because I think it falls into a more mellow genre and might not resonate with a lot of people.  You know that ‘You had to be there’ moment? Same, you have to listen to this song!

After being a part of and touring over the country with the LA Dream center  band Press Play, Sada K. was devastated by a serious, career-threatening knee injury in June 2011. She had to face the harsh realities of two knee surgeries, months of physical therapy and the grueling task of having to learn how to walk all over again. God moved throughout this entire process and the time off allowed her to draw closer to God than ever before. During her recovery, Sada K. prayed and obeyed God’s instructions to end her season with Press Play and move forward with a solo career. Against all odds, she independently debuted and released the single, “Stand Up.” At the time of the recording, she was not able to stand to record vocals, not to mention the fact that shooting a video was virtually out of the question. As her healing manifested and she regained use of her legs, her song “Stand Up” became her testimony and proclamation, not just physically but also spiritually.

However, more challenges were waiting around the corner. Sada K. was soon hit with more life changing news, as she found out, only two weeks apart, that both of her parents were battling cancer. She contemplated walking away from her music career in Los Angeles and moving back to her hometown of Kansas City in order to care for her parents. But they insisted that she stay on her journey.

Sada has this to say about the whole journey: “When life seems to knock you down when you least expect it, you can’t stay down, you have to stand up and let your light shine. You have to stand up and use the lessons that you were chosen to learn, so that you can help someone else stand up when they don’t feel like they can. That’s my goal and that’s what I have set out to do. I’m working harder than ever before so that I can be a blessing to my parents and fulfill the purpose that I was born for.”

Long story short, if Sada K sings about joy during life’s pressure, you had better listen.

Here a music video to one of her singles called ‘Stand Up’, enjoy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jykR0d7MlWY)

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