19th Mar, 2015

Album Review: Brittney Wright – ‘Fight 4 U’

brittney wright fight 4 u

Artist: Brittney Wright

Album: Fight 4 U

Street Date: 1/1/15

Record Label: Writerzblok Music Group

Genre: R&B/Pop

iPod Pick: ‘All of Your Love’ Feat. Enya Phace

If You Like: Jazmine Sullivan, Beckah Shae, Melanie Fiona, Chrisette Michelle, Janelle Monae, Kierra Sheard.

Lyrical Gold: It may seem like it is over and you may wanna quit and you feel like you should let go . . .Don’t give up. You know I told you today, You can.

(From the song U Can)

In case you’ve never heard about Brittney Wright, you need to cross check if you are a fan of gospel music. Brittney might not be all over the place for her own music but her music has been covered by Marvin Sapp even landing as the album track (I Win). Brittney’s debut ‘The Beginning’ was a collection beaty and groovy songs with lyrics centered on a Christ centered life. Though some clichéd lyrics and sound show up, it showed a lot of creativity for the genre and fans of artists such as Melanie Fiona, Jazmine Sullivan and Chrisette Michelle must have had a good time listening to The Beginning.

On Fight 4 U Brittney imbibes more creativity and in fact a little cross over to a more pop/rock genre. ‘The Confessional’ starts off the album reminiscent of epic album intros like the Stripped Intro on Christina Aguilera’s 2002 project or the Human intro on Brandy’s Human project. It nicely flows into ‘Everything’ which was the first single to be released from the album.

I mean on Fight 4 U, there’s a bit of a lot of everything. Songs like Inspite of It All and Bless Ya, take things to church a bit. I personally love Inspite of It All, a song that would immediately focus your attention on the goodness of God no matter what you are going through in life. The music and BGVs on this track also enhances this. A definite must-add to your ‘On my way to church’ playlist.

There are also testimonial songs of God’s mercy (Pass Me By, Fight 4 U, All of Your Love, Rescue) which come across as passionate prayers and proclamations woven in beautiful sounds. I love Fight 4 U personally because it speaks the heart and plea of a generation looking and longing for God. At 2:17 Brittney goes ‘But my spirit is willing to fight for You. I’m desperate just to please you’ in that moment the energy in the song would draw you to the closest window. It’s a well done song. If you liked Invisible by Kierra Kiki Sheard from the Bold Right Life Project, don’t even hesitate, this is for you.

All of Your Love’ Feat. Enya Phace would definitely turn up any party. At the refrain where the BGV go ‘Give it to me’ is just priceless! I think a remix of this track would be a good endeavor. Songs like Still Love You flip the disc, with lyrics of God speaking of His love for us.

When asked by DeVanté Arbet of the Gospel Guru on Track 14 ‘When someone listens to Fight 4 U what do you hope they walk away with?’ Brittney answers with this: A message of faith. I want them to really feel like ‘OMG! I’ve been through what she was in this song’.

And really, it does that. But. . .

Why isn’t she stretching the whole yard?  See, she almost hit something new and strange over there on that track’ This was me speaking after a couple of close listens to Brittney’s ‘Fight 4 U’. Cause on Fight 4 U Brittney brings a tapestry of sound that almost breaks the mold and falls in the category of the eclectic music artist like Ellie Goulding, SantiGold, Azelia Banks, Beckah Shae,  MIA and say veteran Nelly Furtado brings to the table. It’s the type of sound many refer to as world music or basically art, music that doesn’t fit in a box of genre. And note what I said earlier, Britney was almost there on this one.

You feel the energy, you feel the passion pulsating through each carefully chosen note and lyric but you will feel you need to feel something more. Straight forward point: I simply think Britney holds back a little.

I am a reviewer, a music critic not cause I have a flair of attacking the hard work of an artist but because I long to see better art from artists leading them to a more successful and fulfilling career. I have thought this over on why it feels the sound on the record seemed a bit restrained. For one, maybe the direction I am talking about isn’t even in Britney’s horizon and also two, it’s hard in CCM to make music that breaks the mold.

Don’t get me wrong, some have and are doing it. Brit Nicole’s Gold record was so outstanding in it sound it got featured on E! on release and also on the soundtrack for ‘The Other Woman’ which starred Cameron Diaz while still maintaining its message. After months of soaking in JJ Heller’s Loved Project, I wasn’t surprised Toyota picked up a snippet of the music on ‘Who You Are’ From the project for a new commercial.

I am all for church music and worship music, but there is a crop of artists that God is raising that must have one leg in the world and another in the church to steady them to shine a rare beam into the present darkness and we must support them: Britney Wright is one of them.

I look forward to Britney’s third project while relishing this one. I look forward to a bolder sound, a lioness roaring. I look forward to more anthems for this generation and the next. Holy words woven into lyrics and sound to push this present generation into their destiny. And most of all I look forward to a sound birthed from heaven that men will hear and say ‘Mere men couldn’t have come up with this! This must be heaven’s music. We’ve got to have this!’

And less I forget to mention, even with my much ado Britney’s Fight 4 U is a must have. Don’t miss out. Get it!

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