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Introducing… Shelia Moore Piper
Posted on Oct, 27th


Get familiar with Shelia Moore Piper, one of Gospel music’s burgeoning artist.

Hailing from Houston Texas, the talented singer-songwriter draws inspiration from the likes of  Karen Clark Sheard, Yolanda Aadms, and Tye Tribbett just to name a few. Moore Piper is definitely an act you’ll want to keep your eye on. Be sure and stop by iTunes and check out her latest LP “Are you Ready! Chapter 2“.

Get into our interview with Shelia Moore Piper below…

TGG: Describe Shelia Moore Piper in three words

Shelia: Generous, Kind, Teacher

TGG: What was the inspiration for your latest release “Are You Ready! Chapter 2”?

Shelia: The “Are You Ready” project is awesome because of the magnitude of what it speaks. It just does not speak only to a collective group of people but, it also makes you examine yourself and your personal relationship with Jesus Christ “The Lord”. Mark 8:27-29 states who do men say I am? The disciples said “John the Baptist” some say Elijah and others say “One of the Prophets” and Jesus asked the question collectively, then individually. Peter answered him “You are the Christ” the son of the living God! So even if you don’t know, Jesus loves the sinner as the righteous (born again believer). With that being said we can focus on potential, strength and the will of God for our lives! That’s totally my inspiration to know because of Jesus I can. I can, I will do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Indeed!!

TGG: What was your most memorable experience during the making of “Are You Ready! Chapter 2?

Shelia: When we recorded the song “He Must Reign”. I wrote the song in the Lord years ago and the way it was written was totally different than the way we recorded it. It is a beautiful song and the way we recorded it, was meant to be that way on the record

TGG: What is a favorite or standout track for you on the new project?

Shelia: My favorite track on the album/project is “ Lift Him Up”

TGG: What’s next for Shelia Moore Piper?

Shelia: Showtime @ the village (Windsor Village Church Houston TX.) , Christmas Gala, Excellence Christian Music Academy, Youth Explosions etc. ( A lot of Work- Praise Jesus).

TGG: Who are some of your vocal influences?

Shelia:  Mary Mary, Kathleen Battle, Kelly Price, Gene Moore Jr. Israel Houghton and New Breed especially

TGG: Lastly, how do you define or determine success?

Shelia: Success means to be successful in every arena of life. Nothing missing, nothing broken, because the Lord is with me, I am Successful. Success is a journey not a destination! Looking forward to the Journey!

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