28th Jul, 2014

Album Review: Bryan Andrew Wilson – ‘The One Percent’


Artist: Bryan Andrew Wilson

Album: The One Percent

Street Date: 6/17/14

Record Label: JDI Records

Genre: Gospel/R&B

iPod Pick: Stepped In

In life, we face down moments when we think we can’t go on again, right in that moment. Sometimes the pain that comes with living gets us asking questions like ‘will this darkness ever pass away?’  Can I quickly highlight: everyone one wants the darkness to pass. Everyone wants some sunshine; moments when everything is just going right. The fact is a lot of us want to live a life that comes along with no ache and pain all through. This is not subjective, be you a Christian or not, in the deepest part of us we long for the eternal sunshine in life. And classic gospel has gained a reputation of inspiration and tangible encouragement over the years, even in the secular market. I remember going through a mainstream magazine some years back and there was a piece about overcoming depression, guess what? The writer recommended gospel music. I think it was no 3 or so on the list.

Bryan Andrew Wilson brings almost flawless gospel music as we know it on The One Percent. One might at once zero in the record that it might be over ridden with cliché as we are used to on most gospel records. Let me tackle that first. Yes it is. You will not hear Match Box 20/ Pink/ Gungor or NeedToBreathe type of lyrics that might get you digging out your journal and going for a long walk on this one. In fact, that is not the focus here. I love Bryan Andrew Wilson’s record because it is totally God focus and uplifting. It is the record for the Monday mornings you are on your way back to the job you hate so much. You cannot afford to quit because you’ve got a Baby Mama and a baby right back at home to fend for. It’s the record you want playing when you just want to hold on to the truth you know; that God is good and He is for you no matter what you’re going through.

The music is fresh and young and I like that. Bryan’s voice is evidence of an artist that has been doing his homework and sure going places. And one thing I love more are the Back ground vocals. On ‘Stepped In’ we hear the men doing their thing. I must say, this is one of the best male back-up vocal songs I have heard in a while. Yeah it was so good I remembered the music on Hot Chocolate’s ‘Sexy Thing’ on my first listening. The music on One Percent is grounded and solid. We hear the instruments used and there is less production. It is far from poppy and leans more to jazzy. It’s obvious this team put in hard work.

Sometimes hard work does not necessarily mean you are all over iTunes and BET and people are buying your music all over the world. Sometimes hard work is letting God sing through you, that you might touch that one person whose soul would awaken to the timbre of your voice. With the latter, I think Bryan Andrew Wilson’s One Percent is on to something.

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