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Album Review: Ethan Kent – ‘Work In Progress’
Posted on Jan, 15th


Artist: Ethan Kent

Album: Work In Progress

Street Date: 1/21/14

Record Label: Tonic Blueprint

Genre: Urban/R&B/Soul

iPod Pick: Your Love

Welcome newcomer Ethan Kent from Wisconsin (Milwaukee actually) and former worship leader at the Faith Christian Center Arlington, Texas whose single ‘My Hope is In Glory’ has been on the charts for a while. Let’s see what the album in its entirety delivers.

I liked the rap on ‘W.O.R.K’ by Marcell Tennyson. It sounded like all we loved of rap before it seemed to lost soul. On ‘Work In Progress’ we hear the opening line ‘Change begins with one’; the song grows into a very inspiring tune that almost gets you hugging whoever is next to you, WHOEVER. The sound of Ethan Kent is reminiscent of more focused R. Kelly mixed into some Mali Music and maybe some Travis Greene. He’s got soul, the guitars are on point. There is also a maximization of the choir type BGVs.

Though I notice that Ethan tends to lean on the neo-soul genre vocal styling with a bit of R&B in between, it would be great to stretch himself vocally for his next project.  Though he does this on some songs (Take This Pride, Always be Around, Bring Us to Our Knees, My Hope is in Glory), I believe there seems to be some untapped potential somewhere in there.

Sometimes the songs seem to be a very great ride in a repetitive circle sounding a bit like something we’ve heard before (Good to Me, Trustin’ (which from the intro brings to mind infact sounds like a cover of Donnie McClurkin’s ‘Trusting In You’ From the ‘We All Are One’ project),  The Name of The Lord ) and sometimes they seem to be top of the world. For example, the piano intro on ‘Take This Pride’ would get you drawing near a window or taking a long walk. And I must say, Ethan SANG it on this one. Also the song ‘Your Love’ would get you calling up your friends for a dance party. It is mellow, beaty and catchy all at the same time. I love it!

Thematically the records does lack some focus. We hear songs about community and coming together ( Work in Progress, People), God and his love (Take this Pride, Your Love, The Name of The Lord, Bring Us to Our Knees) and Relational love (I Found Her, Will You Marry Me) and lots more. This might be a good thing for a pop album where the focus are the catchy hooks and beats but for a “not so” upbeat record, the theme always shines more.

Listening to Ethan Kent’s record brought to mind a quote by Theodore Roosevelt I love so much

It’s not the critic who counts; it’s not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood. Who at the best, in the end knows the triumph of high achievement. And who at worst, if he fails, he fails daring greatly

I think I can say all I like and all I don’t really dig about Ethan’s Work In Progress but the fact is Ethan is in “the Arena” daring greatly and it can only get better. Let Ethan inspire you and remind you that if you are breathing with feet firmly planted on God’s green earth, you are a WORK IN PROGRESS. He is too, with his music and craft and we are going to be hearing more from him in the future. Just like for every colorful butterfly we love to have this might be the metamorphosis stage.

Get Ethan’s ‘Work in progress’ and be a part of the process

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