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Lifetime’s New Pilot, Preachers’ Wives
Posted on Apr, 15th

Lifetime’s new reality series “Preachers’ Wives” launches Tuesday, April 16th at 11P/10C!

The new piot offers a rare glimpse of some of L.A.’s finest first ladies who proudly support there husbands in the pulpit, and bring their gifts, talents and influence to the community to produce a spectacular event for a cause near and dear to their hearts!

The preacher’s wives are Lady Rinnita Thompson (Pastor Xavier L. Thompson) of Southern Missionary Baptist Church of L.A.; Lady Yvette Williams (Pastor C. Dennis Williams) formerly at Brookins AME now of Smith Chapel in Dallas, Texas, Lady Myesha Chaney (Pastor Wayne Chaney) of Antioch Church of Long Beach and Lady In Training, Leslie Young (Elder Jonathan Young-Associate Pastor) of Miracle Temple Church of God Pentecostal with special appearance by Lady Togetta Ulmer (Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer) of Faithful Central Bible Church of Los Angeles.

Be sure and tune in!

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62 responses to “Lifetime’s New Pilot, Preachers’ Wives”

  1. Jacki' says:

    Is this a different show of one previously aired, or just another cast for the season?

  2. Joycee Brown says:

    God bless your new project!’ You are doing a good work’m

  3. Wendy says:

    I was hoping with the title of” Preachers Wives” this would be a show that honored women. Instead I am viewing a show with women who are supposed to be of God who are bickering, unapologetic, catty and materialistic. I am sorely disappointed by this show and given the moral climate of this country I think it should be cancelled.

  4. RJ Amey says:

    The new show ” preachers wives ” is a disgrace except Leslie and Myeisha the other two especially Evette is a superficial, false bible quoting, holy than though hipercritte. You all call yourselves Christians of God and you all are LIARS. You all are just hustlers of church which you all will give an account for and that’s blood on your hands.

  5. RJ Amey says:

    Truly disgusted.

  6. Striving for Christ says:

    Although several aspects of the show was disappointing and shocking, Evette, oh how I pray that she actually reads these blogs. I have never witnessed someone proclaiming Christ to be so proud to show how much in her flesh she is. As a Christian I was embarrassed for her and saddened that the Holy Spirit that she proclaims was simply unable to keep her flesh under submission. She failed miserably to even demonstrate that the love of God could flow through her. Her actions spoke volumes about her walk with the Lord and unfortunately, the ministry to which she is a part of. I could not be under a ministry’s leadership that condones such behavior. She just crucified our Savior afresh and left Him to an open shame.

    • I am not surprised. Yvette and I use to be good friends many years ago when she first met Dennis and once she met him and saw what came with the church. The designer clothes, free meals etc, she totally changed and ruined our friendship. I am not surprised this is Yvette’s true character.

  7. Jonell says:

    Leslie is my cousin i cant get over this show

    • Striving for Christ says:

      Leslie seems to have a loving and humble spirit, it is my prayer that God will show her that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide her into all truths, understanding that He will teach her. The disciples had everything they needed through Christ. Have her look to God, the author and finisher of her faith for the guidance that she will need. I pray that what God let her see through this show speaks to her spirit about what not to do and how not to be. I am praying for her.

    • Peaches1978 says:

      So is the Lisa Davis telling the truth about your cousin

  8. First of all, let me say this. Jesus came as a servant. To call yourselves 1st ladies is hilarious. A pastor is himself a servant, and your are your husband’s helpmate. It is nothing about your stupid name brand clothing or shoes. How disgusting. You try to make it all about you. Do you not know people are in a hurting world? They need Jesus. They don’t need to know where you shop or get your hair done. If that is what your churches are about, I would never send anyone there that is in need. Shame on you. And at the first meeting, to comment on someone’s attire, as if you have arrived. Do you really think anyone cares? And your husband approves of this behavior? How utterly sad. You give the black churches you represent a bad name.

    • Cheri says:

      Amen.. they are so disrespectful.. Sound more like Pharisees in the bible.. no humility at all.. Isn’t this everything Paul and Jesus preached against.. all these pretentious positions of hierarchy. Remember .. first will be last and the last will be first.. .. I was just watching this with my kids and we are astounded by the rude behavior.. Yes, all men and women are servants and brothers and sisters.. no one higher than the other..

      As a Christian I agree I doubt that I will be watching this.. churches of Christ Salute you

    • Delaun Brown says:

      Amen to that!!!

  9. Pam, says:

    If Yvette is an example of the preacher’s wife…. no thank you!!! She is rude, thinks way to highly of herself and really gives the position of pastor’s wife a bad name…. I am appaulled by her behavior… and she isn’t a good example of God’s love and grace….. wow!!!!! She needs to meet Jesus and his character… I just do not see the drawing of the spirit when she opens her mouth. As a Christian we are not to think more highly of ourselves than others. Yvette, please go into prayer about your representation and the purpose of this show.

  10. Da REalist says:

    Hate the show…please cancel, it was nice seeing one my fellow High School First Lady, someone i try to speak to, but sway me away, but have really become of this world?? I mean, are we confused in who or what God we serve?? Makes u think. Furthermore, people who don’t even go to church, makes them not even come to church? Money and Fame….Or the Cross….you make the decision??

    • Former Antioch Member says:

      I bet I know who your friend is & if I’m not mistaken you’ve tried to speak to her on more than one occasion but she acts as if she doesn’t know you?

      I’m asking because my Godmom told me such a story a few year ago.

  11. Me says:

    Yvette makes me sad no sign of Christ in her spirit whaysoever

  12. Grace says:

    This show is a disgrace to all first ladies.

  13. Marrisa says:

    First Lady, that is a stretch! I am absolutely disgusted with their interputation of Christian women. Christ should be in the center of every Christian woman, and last time I checked seeking propriety through the church wasn’t the intended purpose! Yvette, I am hitting my knees in prayer for you right now I would like to encourage you to heed to the verses in the bible rather than just reciting them. My only hope is that this show never makes it past the pilot because there are many people out there that haven’t experienced salvation through Christ and I would be embarrassed for this show to be their depiction of a Christian.

  14. Jessie says:

    Who does Yvette think she is she truly Need someone to teach her how to be a First Lady but maybe first a Christian

  15. Jlc2013 says:

    This show including preachers daughters makes me thowup in my mouth a little. Just puts out the truth that many women or young ladies of god are hypocrites. Like that one teen mom. Especially the First Lady who spent the entire first episode verbally abusing and bullying everyone into submission. And screaming like a holier than thou lunatic into her I phone while driving her BMW. Shame shame.

  16. Lisa Davis says:

    last night I caught Preacher Wives. I was shocked to see Leslie Young,
    on the show. Knowing damn well with her shady ass past and that shady
    ass church she goes to… Leslie Young is a total fake, and total hoe.
    She has cheated on her Pastor/Husband multiple times in the last 3years,
    not to mention one of those kids are not his… Her pastor/husband has
    been involved in serious fraud.

    Not to mention her husband is messing with a church member who is a
    young man… Those Young’s must be really desperate for money, and brave
    as hell to go on this show with all the skeletons of the devil in their

    Oh and 400 member congregation is a total lie, the church isn’t even that big. The lies must stop.

  17. LiLi says:

    To the Aurthor/Producer of this show….start over this show is a disgrace to the God Fearng First Lady’s who are true to the walk in God and the position in which they hold as being a Pastor’s wife and the First Lady of the church. Yvette wants to make good impressions off of the work of other people. The way she talks to people and carry herself saying she is a Christain woman is disgusting and shame upon her, her husband and the church. Yvette & Rinnita benig a First Lady is not about the clothes and the shoes you wear. You diffently have had the wrong perciption of being a Pastor’s Wife. How can you lead someone who is lost to Christ with the attitude you have of the place of the position that you are fortunant to hold. You better very careful God is not pleased with these actions. Rinnita you were absolutely out of line saying that the church you husband pastored would never have 400 or less. If God is not in the church he will remove every member from the church because of your tongue. It’s not about the membership numbers where God is in the mist of he will bless it with overflow. This was totally embarassing. I see why it was on so late.

  18. Amelia says:

    None of these ladies are examples of Christians except for Leslie. I would not want to attend any of their churches. Especially having Yvette as a 1st lady. She is in no way filled with the Holy Spirit, she is full of herself. The wives focus is on status not salvation. Leslie I pray that God will truly bless your husband, your marraige, and the ministry God has given you.

  19. Romans828 says:

    I was grieved watching this show. The Kingdom of God already gets a bad rep b/c of stuff like the show, which protraited preacher’s wives as being materialistic, rude and unapproachable. Yvette, the fruit of the Spirit (Love, patience KINDNESS, GENTLENESS, etc.) was not exemplified through your character. No one cares about how many church members you have,,it’s not a competition…the focus should be on how many lives have been changed by the power of the Holy Spirit b/c on any given day it all can be taken away. We have to do better ladies, that was really disappointing! I will no longer watch this show. Lifetime please cancel this show!

  20. MOTHEROF20811 says:

    Yvette should be ashamed to call herself a 1st lady. Every sentence she spoke was about her. She gave no glory to God and what is worst is she threw this event for special needs children and she is the mother of a child with autism yet she sits on national tv and says she made the $6000 back she spent on only gives the charity $3000. ARE YOU SERIOUS????? THIS IS SO SAD!!! GOD PLEASE BE WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!

  21. Preachers Wives is not a good example of Christians, especially First Ladies of churches. Sad to see Yvette’s behavior towards individuals she’s asked to assist her to do How’s will/work. As for the other ladies their interesting.

  22. Yvette is
    real Ungodly for a First Lady

  23. Follow Jesus says:

    Romans 12:1-2 is very clear that we should not be conformed to this world. It is very evident through this show that we are the last days. Very sad we as believers continue to follow traditions of men and not the word of God where did the term First Lady come from? Church is not the White House…so sad

  24. DWH says:

    Just viewed this show–Wow! Christian women–and Pastor’s Wives at that-if it didn’t have the word Precher in the title I would think I am watching another catty “bitch” reality show. I especially like to point out Yvette as being the worse of them all. Who does she think she is anyhow? Where is the Christ Like Attitude with her. She needs to step down as 1st Lady (that is a crazy title anyhow), and get back in the pews and start listening and reading the Word–this shows just confirms to non-believers how hypocritical some “Christians” are, that is too bad. Each of the ladies should be ashamed of themselves to have allowed themselves to be duped into a show like this–they did not do anything to uplift the spirits of others. Totally Ashamed!

  25. DWH says:

    Just viewed this show–Wow! Christian women–and Pastor’s Wives at
    that-if it didn’t have the word Precher in the title I would think I am
    watching another catty “bitch” reality show. I especially like to point
    out Yvette as being the worse of them all. Who does she think she is
    anyhow? Where is the Christ Like Attitude with her. She needs to step
    down as 1st Lady (that is a crazy title anyhow), and get back in the
    pews and start listening and reading the Word–this shows just confirms
    to non-believers how hypocritical some “Christians” are, that is too
    bad. Each of the ladies should be ashamed of themselves to have allowed
    themselves to be duped into a show like this–they did not do anything
    to uplift the spirits of others. Totally Ashamed!

  26. AG says:

    Yvette is very rude and needs to work on her attitude! That is not an attitude pleasing to God.

  27. bell says:

    wow evryone is really mad …..u better look to the hills that cometh ur health and stop spending time on who’s rt n not rt because in the end their is only one judge

  28. Josi Morales says:

    I saw the first episode and I will never watch it again, to say that these women are a representation of Jesus is erroneous. The Jesus I know, love and I read about in His word is a loving father who ALWAYS wants to nuture His children whether they are right or not. How terribly irresponsible of these ladies who were given the opportunity to show the beauty of Christ and to see how miserably they failed, just breaks my heart. To those who have not studied the teachings of Christ, PLEASE do not judge us by such an inaccurate sampling as seen here.

  29. Tasha says:

    If any of these churches want more members, they’d better get these wives off quick!

  30. Lady Rinnita Thompson and Lady Myesha Chaney are true examples of First ladies. I don’t usually post on blogs but i test the Spirit by the Spirit. I just pray that Leslie anchor herself in the Lord even the more and that God gives Yvette an Damascus Road experience because she really had me ready to enter the TV to get her.

  31. G says:

    As a pastors daughter and understanding the church from the ground up, it was awful to see some of these ladies were an embarrassment to the standard that a women of God (especially i leadership) should uphold and further more fueled the flame for any who want to say that christians are hypocritical and religion is pointless. Such a disappointment to watch, I hope it will cease to air.

  32. ladyluck says:

    I recently saw the pilot for this reality show and if anything if was a reality check!! due to the fact I am a long time member of Antioch missionary baptist church where myeisha is the wife of my pastor. I was just disgusted by her shallow character and materialistic ways of showing off name brands “Prada” and driving in a Mercedes Benz to being picked up in Porsche by my pastor. it was very cheap of her to show off what God has ultimately given her but use it in such a boastful way. shame on her and her actions.

    • Former Antioch Member says:

      If you’ve been a member of Antioch for a long time then you know full well that Myesha & Pastor Wayne have had their eyes & heart on Hollywood way back before the church was remodled.

      There is NO shame for Myesha or Pastor Wayne. They’re living their dreams of being associated with Hollywood. This was more important than properly running the church not to mention all the foolishness that was kept up by the so-called “leadership.”

  33. Brandy says:

    Ok so I know that TV shows choose to portray people in a certain way so I’m sure that a lot of what is shown is making it very dramatic but this show needs to portray Jesus and love not the materialistic crappy way everything is being portrayed. They need to take page out of the Duck Dynasty book and show the life of these ladies like that family. They portray what it is to live for Christ and live on people and families. This is crazy and why so many people hate Christians and religion. This is a religious show, not women who are exhibiting Christ. Ridiculous!!!

  34. Rich b says:

    I think that Yvette needs to go back to selling Pepsi…. Sorry sweetheart but this life is not for you. Also don’t talk about masturbating in church. Not cool. Please stop robbing the poor to live good. This is real rich b if you need to respond back

  35. Rich b says:

    I forgot to say…. Cancel the show immediately

  36. Chr says:

    I just watched the show tonight and all I can say is how sad it is that we have stooped so low! I am a pastor’s wife and daughter of a pastor. All I can think of right now is, boy I hope this gets cancelled quickly. How sad for a world who needs Jesus to see such shallowness in people who call themselves Christians. One of the things that stands out to me is how demeaning Yvette was to the other ladies. She’s the one who waited six days to throw an event together, not the other ladies. They came to her rescue, instead of being grateful , she was rude, hateful, demeaning and condescending. I think in all her Bible memorization, she failed to learn the verse about the power of life and death is in the tongue. She kept telling the youngest “preachers wife in training” she would never make it. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here and just say, my prayer for each of you is that you will look beyond yourself, dig deep into God’s word and find truth and life in Him. Stop trying to gain status because you are married to the pastor. I think it says in His word we are to be servants, not to be served!

  37. Deborah Nickerson says:

    Time for a little music. To be sung to the tune of “Morning Has Broken.”

    Mine are the dresses
    Mine is the jewelry
    Mine is the swank house
    Mine is the car

    So thankful for my flock
    Who sponsor my gree-eed
    Glad Jesus died so
    I can have bling!”

    What a gross show. Gross.

  38. AKRNC says:

    What a mess this fashion show is going to be! Yvette tells her “friends” that she needs help with the show that is in SIX days and expects them to perform miracles. Who does this kind of nonsense and waits until the last minute to plan? Yvette also blames all the problems on the women who are trying to pull things together to save her sorry butt! She yells at them, demeans every step they make and appears to do nothing but delegate. She’s not an example of a pastor’s wife that I’d ever follow. The two younger women are much more realistic but the other two are quite judgmental considering they claim to be Christians. Take their phony Christian attitude and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  39. AKRNC says:

    I heard Yvette say that she was going to be keeping a close eye on Leslie, the first lady in training. Yvette needs to stop worrying about everyone else and look to her own nasty attitude and re-think what she’s been doing and saying. Why is it that Rinnita said Myesha was amazing but then she had to get a little dig in and say she preferred more traditional gospel singing? The two older women were catty and bitchy and need to rethink what they’re doing themselves before they criticize others.

  40. Maxii says:

    Oh my! Stumbled upon Lady Yvette last night! I disagree with everyone who wants the show canceled. Canceling the show means hiding something very real and it won’t make Yvette go away. It will only take her out of our living rooms. She will still be somewhere torturing others and proof-texting scriptures to support her insidious and lewd behavior. Speaking as a former first lady in African Methodism I’m personally embarrassed by her bullying and overall selfishness with no regard for the feelings of others. In 6 days she managed to hurt the households of the other women, and turn away many struggling Christians who watched Yvette personify the attributes of Lucifer himself. As a “help meet” Yvette has put a big dent in her husband’s ministry and credibility as a pastor and may have hindered his ability to rise to a top position of Bishop in the church. If she wants to exhibit the cut-throat behavior of corporate America she should probably go back to selling soda and leave the church work to real Christians who do unto others as they would want others to do unto themselves. She wanted Leslie to apologize for being late. How about Yvette apologize for now making all “First Ladies” look like gold digging, selfish, judgmental, bible toting and quoting mean girls!

  41. maxii says:

    A.M.E. means African Methodist Episcopal not Angry Mean and Evil.

  42. Janna says:

    Yvette called herself a ‘first lady’ but her behavior was neither lady like or Christian. I was horrified when she snapped at Leslie that she would never be successful. She was so cold & self centered. I also didn’t like her trying to bully the other ladies, making comments like I will take the higher road ‘for now’ I hope the show gets cancelled, it was awful.

  43. Delaun Brown says:

    I was stunned at the fact that Lady Myesha Chaney said her husband teaches masturbation!!!! smh….

    • Former Antioch Member says:

      Oh no! Don’t be surprised anything that comes out Myeha Chaney’s mouth. I clearly recall getting my keys & walking out the church during a weeknight ladies bible study she was heading. She told the ladies “we have to put away the sex toys!” She inclueded herself & acted as if WE all were using sex toys.’

      I’d say more but I can’t because the memories of some of the things that happened while I was there still hurt me & some of those things were driven my Myesha & “her crew” at the the time.

  44. April says:

    Masturbation Myesha? Seriously?

  45. Mae Brooks says:

    First Lady Yvette Willians is a real TRIP…. Bossy….! Who ever died and left her in charge….?!! First Ladies don’t act like that!! What’s wrong….?!? Just arrogant and nasty attitude….. I would not attend that church all because of her….

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