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The Gospel Guru Interviews KB
Posted on Jul, 16th

Kevin Burgess a.k.a. KB is one of the newest artist to join the Reach Records diverse roster. And now the Reach Records MC is ready to deliver his debut LP titled “Weight & Glory.” The highly anticipated LP is the follow-up to his 2011 mixetape, titled “Who is KB?” Since its debut, the project has quickly become a fan favorite garnering over 30,000 downloads to date. In addition, KB has been featured on many Reach Records projects including: Lecrae Rehab (“I Used to Do it Too”), Man Up, Pro (“Dying to Live”), and Trip Lee The Good Life (“One Sixteen”).

The Gospel Guru caught up with KB not too long ago. In my candid interview with the MC, he spoke on everything from his favorite rappers, life after signing to Reach Records and much more. Get into the interview below…

  1. Describe KB in three words. Determined, desperate, and delightful.
  2. What was your inspiration for “Weight & Glory” ? The inspiration was coming from a place where I wanted be blown away by God, as a result of seeing him for the first time, and believing and trusting in him and walking with him; it leaves a man wanting more. That’s my life’s pursuit. In God’s word I see that it’s by the value in God…like him being supreme in my heart, that’s the means by which i fight sin and enjoy him. So what I need to be getting in me is o weight, feeling his weight and everything that he says holds weight in my life. So I want to feel his weight and behold his glory, that was the heart behind it…my life’s pursuit.
  3. What song is a standout for you on the new project? I think my favorite track is “Weight Music,” that one kinda sums up the heart of the album. It’s that sound that I was looking for, that was the epitome of what I wanted my album to sound like and I was album to kinda nail it in one song by the grace of God. Then, Jimmy Nolan murdered the hook, and the choir, it was everything I wanted to hear. That’s my favorite for sure.
  4. What was your most memorable experience during the making of “Weight & Glory”? I think the experience when I found out that I might not be putting “Weight & Glory” out. I was told because of timing and because of what needed to be done there was a chance that I wasn’t gonna put this out. I remember that because I was tested…like what is this about, why am I doing this? That was probably one of the most memorable moments, but by the Lord’s grace things worked out and stuff came together.
  5. It’s been about 2 years since you signed with Reach Records, how has your life changed since then? It’s changed drastically. I got married, graduated college, and signed to Reach all around the same period of time. Really like in a few months of each other. It was like a leap from a boy coming to a man type of thing. Over the last 2 years my life has been that of an artist, so a lot of traveling, being away from home, and long hours. You know I don’t work a 9-5 but sometimes I wish I did…lol. You just do what you gotta do until it gets done, but it’s been a lot of hard work. a lot of traveling and just the nature of my life has kinda been hectic the last couple years.
  6. Do you have any favorite rappers? Favorite rappers…hahaha. Uhh…I have like a top 5, but let me put this disclaimer out. Some of my favorite rappers I can’t listen to as much as I would like because of what hey rap about. But as artist to artist I would say these dude are in the best category. This is in no particular order: Trip Lee, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, Lecrae (Lecrae’s dope, he’s definitely popular, but he hasn’t lost that underground swing), and Shai Linne.
  7. What advice would you give someone who wants to do what you do? I would encourage them to first and foremost to hold their career loosely, that doesn’t mean hold it irresponsibly. But it does mean don’t put God in the corner and say  Lord you have to do this because I know this is what you would want and if not you’re upset with him. That’s if you want to do what I’m doing. Now, if you just want to rap about trees or life or whatever you wanna rap about that’s a different conversation. What I do is, I consider Gospel related. I know at the end of the day transformation will only happen if God will’s it, if God is behind it. Ultimately, the joy of being with Reach Records is not reaching success or platform but it’s that i’m where God would have for me to be. If you keep that central, I think the Lord will do great things with you and whether or not it’s on a big stage or small stage you’ll be content. That’s my main concern. I can give tips on how to expand your platform online, but that stuff can be read in a book. The thing that you need is character, you need to be a man that’s marked by constant joy and the fact that you’re in the will of God and doing the Lord’s ministry. So that’s what I would encourage them with.

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