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The Gospel Guru Interviews Amber Bullock
Posted on Jul, 9th

Music World Gospel recording artist Amber Bullock, soared to the top of the Gospel music charts after capturing the hearts of millions as she topped a talented field of singers to become the 2011, Season 4 winner of BET’s Sunday Best, the No. 1 rated weekly Gospel music competition show. Now, Bullock is ready to release her sophomore LP “So In Love,” in which her unique approach to Gospel music is showcased front and center.

The Gospel Guru caught up with BET’s Sunday Best graduate Amber Bullock last month. In my candid interview with the vocal priestess, she spoke on everything from collaborating with PJ Morton, exclusive details on her new album So In Love,” and much more. Get into the interview below…

  1. Describe Amber Bullock in three words. Funny, crazy, and cute.
  2. What was your inspiration for “So In Love?” Well, i’m the hugest PJ Morton fan ever! When they asked me who I wanted to work with he was the first person that I chose. Initially, it was supposed to be a 7-song CD and somehow 3 songs got added at the end. I don’t know…people submitted songs and we chose what we thought fit best. And so far we have not been wrong.
  3. What is your most memorable experience during the making of “So In Love?” I would have to say that the off-studio moments were the best for me. Because I am such a a fan of him, it was cool to just be able to hang with him and see how cool he is. That was the best for me.
  4. What song is a standout for your on the new project? My favorite track on “So In Love” as of today… because you know I listened to the cd over and over and one moment one song is my favorite then next it’ll be a different one. But my favorite song is “Yes,” that’s my jam.
  5. The Sunday Best platform really catapulted you to Gospel stardom really quickly, do you have any regrets or anything you would do differently since winning? Um. Yea, there are a lot of things I would do different. Um, but I think that everything is experience within it self. Everything that happened was supposed to happen. I wouldn’t say that it’s a regret, I might wish that I could handle things a little different or a little better. But other than that there are no regrets because everything happens for a reason.
  6. What advice would you give to Season 5 Sunday Best contestant’s? Well, I actually went to all of the tapings because my Pastor auditioned and he made it to the Top 25 so I went down there for that. And I did get to speak to the contestants and I just encouraged them and let them know that this is a competition, but all in all this is just a platform, this is television. Only one person can win, but that doesn’t mean only one person wins. It means everybody wins, we’re all on tv and it’s different strokes for different folk. I encouraged them in that way, to treat the competition just as a platform.
  7. How does Amber Bullock define or determine success? It’s definitely not by what you have or what you’re gonna get. I now define succes by happiness. If you’re not happy with the succes, the monetary success if you will…the success means nothing. I’m learning more and more. Because it’s Sunday Best and happens so fast, one day we’re this and the next day we’re that. There’s so much expected of us. I’ll even say it’s more pressure on us than a regular person that comes into the business and grinds for it because they watch us on tv and expect us to be these “perfect people” and sometimes that can really wear you down and that takes the joy of the success away. You have to find where you’re happy in your success and that’s when you’re truly happy.

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