9th Jun, 2015

5 Questions With Marvin Sapp On His New Album ‘You Shall Live’, Reality TV and more


The Gospel Guru caught up with gospel giant Marvin Sapp. Being no stranger to any of us; Pastor Sapp made his debut in the mid 90’s and the rest, as they say, is history.

Without further delay get into our candid interview with the below where we discuss his latest project ‘You Shall Live’, reality tv, and more…

TGG: What was the inspiration for your 10th studio LP, ‘You Shall Live’?

Marvin Sapp: The inspiration is about affirmation and declaration. The fact of the matter is that I strongly believe that we are living in a day and time where we have all kinds of physical and mental attacks and we need to learn how to declare and decree stuff over our own lives. So that is what ‘You Shall Live’ is about…The album is literally about declaring and decreeing that where I am right now isn’t where i’m gonna stay because God has greater and more in store for me.

TGG: What’s a standout track from you on the project?

Marvin Sapp: ‘Live’ is definitely the standout track. Live is the song that everybody is gonna relate to…

TGG: You pretty much stick with the same produces, songwriters, background vocalists, etc. from album to album… Why is that?

Marvin Sapp: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! We’ve been winning together for 10 years– 5 records together! Because we have been winning together for so long and we have such a great synergy… I decided since we already winning lets just keep winning together.

TGG: With so many Gospel artists stepping into the world of reality television, do you see that in the future for Marvin Sapp?

Marvin Sapp: Yeah, hopefully one day! Some of the shows that have been pitched to me are about dating, and that’s something I refuse to do publicly. The show that I want to do is about me and my family…a single black father successfully navigating and raising his children after tragedy and loss.

TGG: How does Marvin Sapp define or determine success?

Marvin Sapp: Dying empty…with no regrets. I don’t feel like i’m successful yet, I feel like i’ve accomplished a lot but there’s more in store!

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