29th Oct, 2013

The Gospel Guru Interviews Joshua Rogers

joshua rogers 2013

Joshua Rogers is back!

After bursting onto the Gospel music scene last year via winning BET’s hit gospel singing competition Sunday Best, and now a year later the burgeoning hit-maker has released his first project full of original music, “Unconditional” courtesy of Music World Gospel.

The Gospel Guru caught up with Mr. Sunday Best to discuss his new LP–check out the interview below as Joshua dishes on his new music, Jazmine Sullivan, reality tv, and much more.

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Gospel Guru: Joshua! We’re loving your new album ‘Unconditional’. How was it recording your fist album full of original music?

Joshua: I had a wonderful time recording my album. The first project “Well Done” was really quick for me. I had short window of time to complete it so it was really intense. However, with unconditional I was able to really creatively develop this project. The producers and I strategically went through every song and decided the message and music we wanted to convey on the record. That’s why I love it.

Gospel Guru: If you had to pick a standout track or favorite, which would it be and why?

Joshua: My favorite track on the new project would definitely be the title track “Unconditional”. This is the track I essentially did majority of the writing on. This track speaks the essence of my heart. I can’t speak for anyone else but when I think the love and compassion of our Great GOD who love us beyond the cross. I am truly speechless I can’t explain or even express why and how much GOD loves me. He knew that I would make mistakes and that I wouldn’t do everything he tells me to do. Sometimes I have done the very thing he has told me not to do. But he decides to bless and cover me regardless. His love for us all is truly Unconditional.

Gospel Guru: The project was produced by Pierre ‘The Maven” Medor, how’d that collaboration come about?

Joshua: Yes Pierre Medor along with Bruce Robinson produced the entire project for me. I actually met Pierre immediately after winning the show. He was the first producer to write and record a song with me. I wasn’t use to recording, I’m totally new to this so my first time ever in a booth was with him. And he was very patient with me allowing me to learn my new career and craft. I really appreciate him for that. I met Bruce through a mutual friend my sister Danetra Moore another amazing singer. And that’s how the 3 of us began to work on my project that I really believe everyone is going to truly love. They are both my big brothers now we all speak regularly and have formed a excellent bond. I’m grateful to GOD for allowing me to make great connections within the industry.

Gospel Guru: Now, with reality tv on the horizon for gospel artists, do you see yourself starring in your own reality series?

Joshua: I would be totally open to allowing the world into the everyday life of Joshua Rogers. Everyone who meets me and my team are consistently laughing and telling us we need a reality show because we are truly a family. We argue, fuss, and often times disagree but we are all comedians and are joking with each other. So, yes I would do a reality show.

Gospel Guru: Given the success that’s stemmed from you being crowned BET’s Sunday Best, do you feel pressure to remain visible and to keep pushing out music?

Joshua: Being the youngest and first male winner of the hit show Sunday Best. I definitely struggle with those feelings regularly. You always have a new winner with every season and often times people don’t realize that we all are talented and blessed to be winners. But they try to compare us against one another instead of respecting our own uniqueness and individuality. However, I endeavor to keep my focus on God and ministry. And I know that as long as I continue to seek ye first the kingdom of GOD all of these other things will be added.

Gospel Guru: If you had to pick one person to do a duet with, who would it be, and why?

Joshua:  I am a huge fan of Jazmine Sullivan.  So I would love to do a record with her. I feel she has a lot of the vocal styling of my vocal mentor Kim Burrell and she has the new age twist and clarity of voice. When I listen to her the way she sings is just amazing to me. I mean she sings every note all the way through her runs are so clear and concise. I just love her. But if I had a choice I would love to record duets with other artist that I am such fans such as The Clark sisters, Marvin Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell, Anita Baker, Patti Labelle and Zacardi Cortez.

Gospel Guru: Lastly, what advice would you give someone who’s looking to break into the gospel music industry?

Joshua: I would tell them to make sure that they are passionate about their career. I believe that whatever your passionate about then you will persevere in it. When you make your mind up to follow something all the way through and with God’s help you can conquer anything. But you must be willing to work hard because faith without works is dead. So continue to seek God to find your purpose and walk therein and you will be successful at whatever you do.


Download ‘Unconditional’ here!

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