Seeing Spots


Hey lovelies,

It seems that I’ve been seeing spots in increasing numbers daily. What Kind of spots you ask? Leopard! This print is one that I’ve loved for some time now! I’m glad that there are more trendy and age appropriate leopard items on the market this year. In previous years we would see an item or two here and there but now leopard is everywhere! Even men and plus size women, like myself, get to indulge in the pattern that was once considered risque. Below I included pics of me and others rocking the trend. Love leopard as much as I do? Let me know how you rock it!


Leopard shorts: Target, Yellow jacket: New York & Co., Top: Marshall's


Love how he did his Leopard JS Adidas! You can find them here.


Keri Hilson looks amazing in her leopard ensemble! Find pieces like hers here and here!


Usher's loafers work well with his stripes. A pair of loafers, like these, and slimmer fitting pants would also work!


My fave trio, triple K, rocking their Sears, Kardashian Kollection.

Hope you all enjoyed the post! Remember to keep it lovely!


BET Awards 2012 Fashion Spotlight


As most of us know, and saw, the 2012 BET awards aired on this past Sunday.  I, for one, was surprisingly pleased with a lot of the performances on that night.  Some of the artists could have cleaned up a bit of both their looks and sounds but I loved the song choices and a lot of the styles that were in the building!  Below you can see what I felt were some of the best looks, both wardrobe and hair, of the night!  Did you have faves that night? Let me know what yours were! :D


Here is Brandy and her beautiful tresses, singing her heart out, and very well might I add! I wasn’t a fan of her wardrobe but her hair was EVERYTHING! This is a style that she can and should rock for a while! I wonder if Kim Kimble was behind this stylish mane?!

Loved Usher’s pink hi top sneaks, I heard they’re by Raf Simons! Don’t shoot me when I say this is the first I’ve heard of this designer! I’m looking forward to learning more! These were the perfect touch to his comfy all black ensemble! Maybe I’m just biased because I really like what Usher does stylistically!


Meagan Good and new hubby, DeVon Franklin, graced the red carpet looking stunning! This beautiful couple looked like they were walking down the isle all over again!  Meagan’s BCBG gown had great flow and a wonderful fit and her tresses were gorgeous!

So obviously, life has been good to singer Tamia! She looked so beautiful. Tamia proved that black is, and will always be appropriate!  And what can I say about those earrings?! They were the statement piece of all statement pieces! Also, her pulled back mane works well adding a classy touch to complete the look.  Wish we could have heard from her that night!

Kim and Kanye were my second fave couple of the night. Yes, Meagan and DeVon topped them! Haha I loved them in their all white and the detailing on Kim’s dress was to die for!  This is a fashion power couple and while I’m loving how they look together, I don’t know how much faith I have in the relationship! :(


Both Michelle and LeToya looked stunning on the night of the awards.  Michelle’s tresses were to die for, as they are most of the time! And LeToya, yellow is definitely your color! Well done ladies!

Lastly, I loved Monica’s red carpet look!  The style of this jacket is brilliant, I’m not a huge fan of the color but hey who can pass up a piece like this?!



Style’s Best Friend: Closet Organization


Hey lovelies,

Last month I participated in the May Fashion Photo and one of the days was to get a shot of your personal closet. So I decided to make a YT video and share my closet with all of you! There are so many different ways to organize your closets and make the most of the space that you have. You can organize your closet by simply putting like color items together or get slightly more complex by grouping tops and pants in their own sections then color coordinating the smaller sections.  Using the appropriate sized storage boxes for seasonal items and hooks for belts and/or ties help to create more space in your closets. I have a lot more ideas for my closet so what you see in the video is incomplete but I’m pleased so far. Enjoy the video and watch till the end for my color blocking OOTD.  For all of my male readers you too can have fun with the color blocking trend. Don’t be afraid to try something new and remember to have fun with it all!

[pro-player width='450' height='253' type='video'][/pro-player]


BET Rip The Runway 2012


So Rip The Runway 2012 aired tonight and I must say that I wasn’t SUPER impressed with some of the pieces. I LOVED the use of color and a lot of the music! I absolutely loved a good bit of the Size Sexy pieces! That neon number was an amazing color and the orange and purple Monif C. dress was oh so FAB! And naturally I enjoyed the Shoe Zoom! Sorry guys, I wasn’t a huge fan of the menswear. But hey if you were rock it with boldness! As my sister and I say “float on your own creativity!” Meaning ride your own wave of creativity! I really appreciated the fact that the hosts spread the word to be you this year! I’m all about personal style!

Below are pics of some of my faves from the night!

Spring Into Style With These Fashion Blogs/Vlogs


Hey all!

Since Spring is coming we all know that many bloggers and vloggers are sharing their Spring wish lists, must have items, tips, and much more. Below you’ll find a list of blogs and and vlogs (video blogs) that you might want to read or watch! Remember before you can lead others, you have to be a good follower! Follow a blog and a blogger will probably follow you! ;)



RGS-Fashionology <Hey that’s me!








So do you have any favorite blogs or vlogs that aren’t listed here? Please do share! If you come across any male blogs or vlogs feel free to share them with us!

Hope you all enjoy the posts from these awesome bloggers and vloggers!


Keep an eye out for the new interview segment coming early April! I’ll be interviewing some of the best fashion gurus and business owners that I know! Can’t wait to get the feedback!

We can’t grow without feedback so yours is welcomed warmly! Leave your comments below and I’ll keep them in mind! :D



Image snagged from

Welcome/ Covered Up


Welcome to Fashionology, a blog where you’ll read my venting and see tons of pictures! I hope that this New Year has had a great start for all of you. I’m excited about the future but most excited about the present!

When Mr. Gospel Guru asked lil ole me to do the fashion posts for his GOSPEL website I must admit I instantly became nervous but I replied with a quick “sure.”  I knew that I’d have a voice for his audience but the big question in the back of my mind was ‘is my opinion too much?’  Once I came back to reality I noticed that my opinion could possibly change the mindsets of many! Ok well maybe one! J

At any rate, for about a year now I’ve been battling with the phrase “cover your blessed parts.”  What?! Yes that phrase has haunted my mind since early 2011.  I thought that I was the most covered Christian that there was but obviously long sleeves, leggings and skirts don’t “cover.”  My question is, what’s this new definition of being covered?  Is it being stylish yet modest (wearing skinnies with a top, dresses without tights, etc.) or is it wearing beekeeper outfits (robes, nun wear, baggie ladies pants, etc)?  Maybe I’m missing something but God didn’t call us to be just alike and he definitely didn’t call me to be unfashionable!  I mean honestly, you can wear pants that are fitted and yes your thighs and butt might be seen, but if no skin is showing there shouldn’t be a problem.  I know that there are some really conservative people out there who think that no part of a woman’s body should show! I believe in leaving something to the imagination but I don’t endorse suffocation!  If a woman’s pants aren’t so tight that they create a muffin top or her top isn’t so low that you see EVERYTHING then all should be well!  Church folks should give both men and women some kind of credit when it comes to what is seen and what is worn.  Not all men will lust, and not all women want to entice.  Some women have been “well endowed” but they shouldn’t be punished for what was given to them for reproductive purposes.  We must remember that if a man is going to lust he’s going to do just that.  I don’t care if a lady is in an oversized leisure suit, a true luster will still be able to imagine!  In all actuality the church mothers and fathers and the likes should go to the men and women of the church and help them get over their lust issues.  Also if a woman’s goal is to entice a man she’ll do just that, even in baggie clothes.


All church people should understand that it is VERY important to be fashionable.  God is creative so we have all access to present ourselves as creative beings. We lose so many because no one wants to look like a “Christian.”  I believe that God has called us to be well rounded.  Satan uses things to lure people to him.  I mean people of the world are dressed to the T, or not, but people love it.  Before people hear you or even know what you have to offer, they see you.  We want to represent God in a way that is MODEST but effective.  Hey no one is asking for permission to walk around in crystal encrusted leotards or plunging neckline dresses but I’m asking for a little mercy.  We serve a merciful God who doesn’t badger us about the little things.  You might say its not about clothing and that shouldn’t be the focus but know this, behaviorist Albert Bandura once said, “He who controls the models, controls society.”  That means who ever the people admire most are the ones who will determine which way society will shift.  If the God in us isn’t admired then we can’t win souls.  The Word of God stands alone but how can we present the word without an audience to listen?

Fashionably Yours,

Kim L.

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“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.” 
Coco Chanel

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