Erica Campbell And Her Mother Celebrate Ageless Beauty During Black History Month

By Renessta Olds: Erica Campbell, of the gospel singing duo Mary Mary, and her mother, Thomasina ‘Honey‘ Atkins, teamed up to spread the word  on My Black is Beautiful’s “Beautiful Reflections” program and with brands Olay, Pantene and COVERGIRL to celebrate African American beauty during Black History Month Atkins, shared with us, that she  has always […]

Posted on Feb, 29th
Watch: Goo Goo Atkins – ‘Goo Ru Style’ (Season 1 / Episode 1)

Celebrity wardrobe stylist Goo Goo Atkins reveals how to dress your best for all of life’s big and small events. Learn the secrets of four classic looks – from how to dress for a sporting event to the perfect wedding guest outfit.

Posted on Sep, 17th
Seeing Spots

Hey lovelies, It seems that I’ve been seeing spots in increasing numbers daily. What Kind of spots you ask? Leopard! This print is one that I’ve loved for some time now! I’m glad that there are more trendy and age appropriate leopard items on the market this year. In previous years we would see an […]

Posted on Jul, 14th
BET Awards 2012 Fashion Spotlight

As most of us know, and saw, the 2012 BET awards aired on this past Sunday.  I, for one, was surprisingly pleased with a lot of the performances on that night.  Some of the artists could have cleaned up a bit of both their looks and sounds but I loved the song choices and a […]

Posted on Jul, 4th
Style’s Best Friend: Closet Organization

Hey lovelies, Last month I participated in the May Fashion Photo and one of the days was to get a shot of your personal closet. So I decided to make a YT video and share my closet with all of you! There are so many different ways to organize your closets and make the most […]

Posted on Jun, 18th
BET Rip The Runway 2012

So Rip The Runway 2012 aired tonight and I must say that I wasn’t SUPER impressed with some of the pieces. I LOVED the use of color and a lot of the music! I absolutely loved a good bit of the Size Sexy pieces! That neon number was an amazing color and the orange and […]

Posted on Mar, 22nd
Spring Into Style With These Fashion Blogs/Vlogs

Hey all! Since Spring is coming we all know that many bloggers and vloggers are sharing their Spring wish lists, must have items, tips, and much more. Below you’ll find a list of blogs and and vlogs (video blogs) that you might want to read or watch! Remember before you can lead others, you have […]

Posted on Mar, 13th
Welcome/ Covered Up

Welcome to Fashionology, a blog where you’ll read my venting and see tons of pictures! I hope that this New Year has had a great start for all of you. I’m excited about the future but most excited about the present! When Mr. Gospel Guru asked lil ole me to do the fashion posts for […]

Posted on Mar, 5th