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He’s Back: Tonéx Announces Comeback Concert
Posted on Aug, 29th

Where's Tonex (1)

Get excited! Tonéx‘s back and ready to blaze the stage! Exciting details below…. The 38 year old megastar has announced that he’ll be performing at his first concert under the Tonéx moniker in 10 years at the historic Howard Theatre in DC on September 15th at 1PM. EPIC. As you know Tonéx has been an ever present hot topic among many since his recent showing at Dorinda Clark-Cole’s annual Singers, Musicians, and Arts Conference. Moreover, little else is known about the show, other than tickets purchased in advance are $35 ($45 the day of). And group sales are available for parties of 10 or more. For more information click here or call 202-803-2899. Friend, Tye Tribbett recently took to his personal Instagram sharing: This is MY BROTHER right here. #Tonex (Ant). Rocked the mic w/me today at church.. smh!! He is the BEST that has EVER done it! The GREATEST PRESENTER OF GOSPEL MUSIC #PERIOD. I’m still TRYING to present it on the level he did it YEARS AGO! His ministry opened the door for ME! His production n creativity STILL inspires me to this DAY! I give honor where honor is due… I honor you bro, for makin the way for this generation of the presenters of gospel music. I’m excited about your future annnnnd ours!!!#KingdomMusic … “When God has His hands ON people, it’s just best to keep our mouths OFF.#GodLovesusall Gods Love > ANYTHING #greaterthan   Click here for full story.

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DeVante Arbet successfully garnered the title of The Gospel Guru; being widely sought out as the ‘in-the-know’ guy when it comes to the Gospel music industry. After years of honing his passion for Gospel music from an early age ‘the guru’ became a brand.

64 responses to “He’s Back: Tonéx Announces Comeback Concert”

  1. MusicLove123 says:

    YESSSSS! Finally

  2. miri says:

    i am confused, his actions have not been very chistian like and I’m not just talking about homosexuality, I’m talking about other things i seen him say and do and sing.

    • Deatrice Plump Rump Perkins says:

      So wut you r not Jesus u dnt have a heaven or hell to put him in so shut ur mouth

      • miri says:

        You can express yourself without being rude… God bless

        • antoine lorenzo lyons says:

          she just keepin it real…. I didn’t see anything rude about it….. #TEAM@BSLADE&TONEX all day err day!!!

          • miri says:

            When black folks say something out of line like “shut your mouth” and curse when replying to Marvin Sapp below quoting her ” wut is d@# problem” and dumb a#s,its keeping it real……………….???

          • 410 _Big Yetti says:

            “keepin it real” is nowhere in the bible. No offense, but seriously… the bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and how can blessings and cursings flow from the same mouth… let’s face it, “keeping it real” is basically “keeping it carnal”

            Imjs… make yourself conform to “it” instead of conforming it to “you”

          • LXGEND says:

            …. come on….

      • Corvite says:

        Sister, if you’re going to be rude, please learn how to articulate your nastiness with correction spelling. Though the person you replied to has no heaven or hell to put someone in,any Christian not only has the discernment to judge but the responsibility to do so. Love, your former “English Teacher”

      • ruth njiru says:

        Jesus hates sin. and when He went up He said, he said , Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

        citing the issue of the adulterous woman, yes Jesus did not condemn her, and nobody condemned her coz everybody is a sinner, but Jesus did tell her, to not sin any more, because He had forgiven her. remember that is the reason Jesus was crucified, to take away our sins.

        remember in the Old testament people used to be killed instantly when they were caught sinning, but now we have grace.
        so yes, nobody today is Jesus, but He left us to be ambassadors, He even said we would perform more and greater miracles than He did. so how much more should we condemn sins?? much more than He did.

        so yes, as Christians we will continue pointing out sin, and we will continue condemning sin until the second coming of our Lord.

        • Tony says:

          what is sin? do you even know the true concept of sin? actions are not what makes one a sinner. just like righteousness, sin is also a nature. A state of being. we have been made righteousness because God has declared us righteous. This might shock you but there are many gay christians out there. they have been washed by the blood of the lamb just like every other believer. we are one body. There is no difference. we are one and the command is to love and not to sit in judgement. When you judge anyone,you judge yourself cos we are one..

  3. Chris says:

    Tonex & Tye we have 2 seats waiting on you please have them. The gospel community.

  4. Downindixie says:

    Megastar? Really? (Pulls up a chair) When did that happen?

  5. Marvin Sapp says:


    • Spencer Blackshear says:

      Really Marvin Sapp Really lets not forget that god brought us all out of some sinful mess.

      • 410 _Big Yetti says:

        it’s spelled God, “a” god can do nothing. If he really spared you from an eternity of torment at least show some respect to his name, thanks!

    • Deatrice Plump Rump Perkins says:

      For all we know ur n the closest maybe ur a fruit salad ur supposed to be a pastor wut is ur damn problem and oh by the way let he who is without sin cast the first stone

      • Lil Brutha says:

        Don’t be no fool,U don’t for 1 minute believe that he is the official Marvin Sapp,smh…But umm on another note tho,U lookin real sexxy in that pic…What that “Rump” Do Like Tho??

      • Corvite says:

        Once again DPRP, your spelling is off and you should work hard to get a strong command of the English before you try to correct folks. Apparently, you are not a Christian, but you’ve decided to put ” them” in their place with your nastiness. I have a soft, leather, black, plump chair with your name on it. Please have a seat. P.S. When you sit in that seat, let me know. I have something for you to read that will not only enlighten you, it will turn your life around for the better, clean up your mouth, calm that aggressiveness, teach you how to conduct yourself like a lady and help you realize that your arguments are baseless.

  6. Warren says:

    Tye you are tripping. You just got past your issues. You need standard. This guy need to be under leadership and display his healing as well as he made a mockery of the body of Christ with his satanic rituals. Give our Lord and savior Jesus Christ more respect. Tonex is just talented. Someone who I call doing it the right and the best are those who live Christ word.

    • Spencer Blackshear says:

      Im excited for Mr.Williams may god continue to do a work in his life forget self righteous folk we need to forgive more then criticise
      The brother. if god can forgive and forget so should we.

    • LXGEND says:

      Satanic rituals? Where the heck are you getting this information? Craig Lewis?! ::sigh::

  7. Musique P says:

    WOW the Saints judging. We all have our issues and a past. It’s a shame BIble carrying Christians can’t move on like everybody else. God casts it into the sea of forgetfulness. Why can’t we?

    • 410 _Big Yetti says:

      Our issues and past don’t stop us from judging, we shall know them by their fruit! & God does completely forgive, and so should we…BUT in the church God has [Already] noted those guilty of sin, he’s GOD!!! But until Tonex’s fruits show holiness, don’t be so hasty to judge him again…(as a righteous person) We must be careful of the intention in which we judge, (i.e. slander, pride) but to know true holiness and defend God’s definition of it is something completely different… Read and meditate upon 1 Corinthians 5 if you’d like to “judge” for whether this is right or wrong. lol

    • Corvite says:

      You carry a Bible and apparently don’t open it. Anyone with any kind of true discernment can see this is foolishness. Christians must expose and reprove this mess. By a ticket and support the concert if you wish Musique Pee.Otherwise, let other folks make their decision and you stop judging them.

      • Musique P says:

        Corvite. I’m not judging…I’m just stating my opinion. If I was judging I would be pointing out faults. Learn the difference between generalization and judging. #thatisall

  8. Reese says:

    The problem with Gospel music (and perhaps the church in general) is a willingness to embrace everything and mistake that as a demonstration of Christian love. Talent does not always equate to anointing; and transparency does not always equate to righteousness. When your ministry begins to reconcile the Word to lifestyle rather than reconciling lifestyle to the Word, then your ministry preaches a subjective holiness that stresses grace rather than accountability and commitment to genuine spiritual growth.

    • Archie says:

      My Brother I couldn’t with you anymore. Holiness is Holiness. God Bless

    • TruthGamer says:


    • Tony says:

      Very soon, views like yours will become out of place. The body of christ is matching on and no amount of hate will stop her. God is making a huge space where all of Gods children (irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation etc) are coming together in power with strong chords of love holding us together. This is how the world will know that we truly serve the living God. Our love for each other will marvel the world. We are all a part of one body (the body of Christ). The hate is going away. Tonex the one you criticize is your brother. Have you come to that realisation? He is your flesh and blood. LOVE WILL WIN OUT.

  9. fay steward says:

    HALLELUJAH! YESSSS! PASTOR N8Ion . I love you and always have. Im happy. Thank you God! And thank you Tye. God Bkess you both.

    • Deatrice Plump Rump Perkins says:

      I know huh sis Faye if only these dumb ass people knew wut we know

      • 410 _Big Yetti says:

        Did you know Jesus doesn’t want you to curse? & isn’t your life existence to please him? I hope so. after all he really is [more] than worthy of that much 🙂

  10. A.T. says:

    Lord, help us…

    If someone is legitimately concerned that the body of Christ is suffering for its lack of righteousness or a standard, that’s fine. But sometimes it really seems like people don’t even WANT to see Bro. Williams (Tonéx) return back into the fold and into right standing with God. People of God, as we examine ourselves in the light of God’s Word, please be sure that we’re not harboring the bitter spirit of the prodigal son’s older brother. We should be PRAYING, INTERCEDING, and ROOTING for our brothers and sisters who have drifted astray. And we should REJOICE when they come to repentance. No, we don’t know for sure that this has happened, but seriously, what are we hoping for, someone scandalous who will provide us with gossip fodder and make us feel superior or the genuine restoration of fellowship between God and one of His beloved children? Jesus died for ALL mankind, not just the people we like.

    (If anyone’s wondering, this comment isn’t directed at any one person, so I don’t intend for any of you to take this personally. But if it applies to you, just check yourself and ask for God’s mercy and grace.)

  11. Just Me says:

    I’m so sick of people always saying that no one can judge and how Christians are not to judge. Christians are not to condemn but we have to judge according to the scriptures. Now we all are familiar with the scripture that you shall know the tree by the fruit it bears. That’s judging by making a decision on what is right and wrong according to the scriptures. We as Christians have that right just as much as the judicial system has a right to sentence you to jail, personal beliefs and morals. The Christian kingdom just has to live by what we put out there as standards.

  12. fay steward says:

    This is your brother Kent. I have been interceding for you. And now my prayers been answered. No one can snatch them away from me. That’s what Jesus said. My freedom from this 3 strikes incarceration in california have every thing to do with the release of our whole family. I contacted Kare, Donnie and John P. Kee. Now I need you to contact me, so we can get our whole family free and out of bondage. In Jesus Name. I love you. Your brother. Prophet Kent J. Williams. Google kent j williams “grace” for testimony.

  13. LXGEND says:

    None of you know this man’s walk. None of you know this man’s relationship with God. Therefore none of you (nor myself) have the right to speak against him. People telling Tye and Tonex to “have seats” – ridiculous. YOU are the reason this “religion” is so twisted. You guys are so judgmental and quick to shoot someone down. Everyone’s so fast to cast stones when EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU have your OWN problems to deal with. Just because someone else has gone through something in the public eye, and you’ve gone through yours in secret, that doesn’t put you any higher above them or them any lower than you. Why do folks (church folks especially, the ones who are supposed to LOVE FIRST as GOD loved us) consistently direct hate and anger towards people? For all you know, this is the work of the almighty and y’all are just kicking back with your passionfruit praiseberry margaritas pointing fingers and talking down. All I have to say is, how are you going to feel when the bigger plan is revealed and you’re going to have to deal with the fact that you directly condemned GOD’S own work because YOU didn’t understand it…

    Tye, Tonex – You’ve got my support in whatever you do. I know folks at my church have always had faith in you all and God through the ups and downs. It’s all love. Nothing else. We need to love each other and lift each other up. I’m tired of the constant bashing that goes on in the church. So always count me in.

    • jfuzion says:

      Exactly, Sir. My sentiments exactly.

    • TruthGamer says:

      Well let me stop you right there! It’s not about judging him, it’s about right and wrong. If you are in a club that states you must wear blue and white and you show up in a green shirt will you not feel out of place? The bible is clear on what is expected of a Christian, it’s not a popularity contest or how many people you can get to side with your “world view”. The world has you fooled into thinking there is no clear truth, and everything has a grey area, well God does not have a grey area and he makes that clear in his word. I am not judging this mans lifestyle, but claiming a christian moniker and preaching homosexuality is okay, is not okay! It goes against the teachings of Christ and if you are not pro Christ you are… Anti-Christ! People have to understand the initial movement of the Anti-Christ isn’t going to be bold it’s subtle teachings and laws that distort what Christ is all about. Now having said that, a man of God has a responsibility to preach the truth, and repent for his sins just as we all do. He is jumping right back on stage and do you know why? He wants to be accepted as the first openly gay gospel singer, else he would have turned from his wicked ways and denounced that lifestyle. Stop being so accepting of people and passing it off as love, it’s not love it’s a compromise.

      • LXGEND says:

        1. It is love. I know T personally. So please don’t try to tell me how I feel.
        2. As stated above, you do NOT know his walk nor HIS relationship with God so YOU can’t say anything about HIM. If that is fair game, I could easily say you’re a sinner who needs to be redeemed. Because I have no clue what YOUR personal walk with god is but apparently that still makes me able to speak my opinions on how you’re living.
        3. Either cast your stone or take a seat and work out your own problems. Because you, I’m positive, have your own issues to deal with. You could be a liar, a fornicator, a cheater, a stealer, a murderer, or anything that you have not brought to light yet. And that is just as bad as any sin because all sin is equal and nothing outweighs the other. No matter what it is. And don’t sit here and tell me you’re perfect because you’re not. You sin like everybody else. So what makes you any different than any of us?

        • TruthGamer says:

          1. Is it a selfish love? Is it a love of “I know a celebrity so let me accept what he does?” How can you love someone and condone a life that is sending him to hell? I am not giving you an opinion, I am giving the biblical facts. The same word the convicts me of my sins, states homosexuality is wrong, God destroyed an entire city for it. Study the word of God and not the word of men. And you will realize there is no disputing it.

          2. Stop putting the “you sin, I sin we all sin” spin on this, I acknowledge my sins and I repent, I of course do things that are not right, but I don’t justify my wrongs I acknowledge them I do not attempt to live and promote a life of a Corinthian and claim I live for Jesus.
          Regardless of what you say, B Slade is responsible for all these youths he is confusing and leading astray and if you really love him and know him you need to sit him down and have a real talk with him. You like many people have confused Christian Love with compromise.


          I know you want the final word, so that you can break down what I just said, however its only going to lead to talking in circles. So I am finished with this conversation…

          • LXGEND says:

            It is a “I’ve known this man for my entire life and his family has been attached to my family since before I was born” love, so quit your “celebrity star struck” speeches and save them for the groupies please. You know nothing about his life or mine or the connection our families have which is why none of your assumptions have any affect on me. It’s ridiculous. And if you would have known him as I do and spent days in the studio with you you would’ve seen for your self the times he spent in there crying and worshipping and speaking to God. While all of these people were speaking down on him and he’s trying to fight for his life to move past these hateful speeches that the church kept giving him. This moment in particular dates all the way back to 2010. I saw it and heard it with my own eyes. But I refuse to defend someone who’s got deaf ears and will not listen to what I’m trying to say. My point is you do not know what he’s doing other than what you read about or hear other folks say. Had you REALLY been with him through all of this, you’d know he has spoken with God throughout this entire process. You’re going to come at me with some more invalid speech about how se twisting the word or living a life of sin, so save your words and don’t say anything because I will not go on with this beyond this comment. All the folks who speak against ‘Tonex’ I can pretty much guarantee are the ones who don’t know him. Learn about the facts and what happens OUTSIDE of the reports and posts. THEN come and tell me something. Until then, you have nothing for me to hear and I bid you adeu.

          • LXGEND says:

            *i refuse to defend him against someone who’s got deaf ears

          • TruthGamer says:

            My ears aren’t deaf I heard what you said, you are trying to negotiate a position of compromise on what God demands. His position is unwavering, you can’t change it, God is no respector of persons.

          • 410 _Big Yetti says:

            AMEN, A.) God judged a right high priest (Eli) for not publicly rebuking and putting out his wicked sons. B.) Paul openly rebuked Peter in front of the CONGREGATION for not standing up for the non jewish christians. FACT. Christian means CHRIST-LIKE. If people realized that Christ not only spoke with authority and exhortation to repentance but commanded us to let this mind be in us of humbly, prudently, yet boldly defending the whole gospel, we’d realize Christ may LITERALLY crack the sky any moment and We have to choose NOW whom we’ll serve. Crucify the flesh means to violently, harshly(not so literally but with deep-seated passion) bring the flesh under subjection….Brother be encouraged these really are the last days

          • TruthGamer says:

            I share sentiment for anyone who is broken or lost and trying to get back to the place of redemption. All of what you say is good and I don’t doubt any of what you say, but you can’t discredit the fact he is parading around promoting homo-ism and you and I both know its wrong, you can slice that cake anyway you want it’s wrong. That’s what this is about, not about what he struggles with we all struggle and I am sure he isn’t the only one. At the end of the day it’s who do you stand for? As for defending him, you can’t because what he is doing is wrong, you can cover him and love him sure but you cannot defend wrong. I have a multitude of his music, seen him live, he came to my church I met him. He has a great and dynamic spirit, but he is lost. He wants to preach and be openly gay and you cannot do that. That is pushing Satan’s agenda, if you love him, then you need to tell him that. I know this may be hard to believe because the new age of Christianity doesn’t preach about it, but it’s still there and filling up everyday with people who refuse to turn from their wicked ways. I am not giving you my opinion, if this were politics I would listen, I would compromise but I know what the bible has to say about this and it’s wrong.

    • Tony says:

      Amen. Thank God Tonex survived the hate. I feel his pain and i can imagine what he has gone through in the past few years. God is merciful and i am glad that his anointing is still here for the body. the church is growing. soon, these things will not be issues anymore. I celebrate Tonex. I celebrate the hand of God upon his life.

  14. Big T says:

    I think the gospel community is full of love, but it becomes very difficult to receive from someone you know is in the midst of sin and very comfortable with it. It’s not just about the singing, this is ministry. If you do a search for Tonex online, he is known as B.Slade. Nowhere have I seen where he has repented from his thinking in regards to homosexuality. He said in his own words that he is gay, he believes people can be born gay, and he arrogantly calls himself B.Slade because he said you will “Be Slayed” in the spirit by his voice. Last I checked, that was the job of the Holy Spirit. He also said he would be making “other” types of music, and that we should no longer call him Tonex. I absolutely love Tonex’s voice, and I can absolutely get past any transgressions he may have. My issue is that he may have realized that he had more fame and fortune as a gospel artist, but he wants to be an openly gay gospel artist. That kinda sounds like an oxymoron when you say it. Kinda like the Pastor’s wife and mistress both on stage holding hands with him. How does God want us to feel about that? We love everyone, but are we supposed to openly accept sin from ministers of the gospel once they have openly admitted they don’t accept everything in God’s Word?

    • Alfred says:

      I think you’re about 4 years too late to be making any assumptions. A lot has transpired along that time and neither you nor anyone else may know what’s happened within that time. Tonex’s walk and life is ultimately is between him and God. When and if Tonex decides to address the time passed is his decision.

    • Tony says:

      Just love and quit the judging… You should not stand at the door and try to prevent anyone else from going in when you yourself are not even in yet. the world will come to know that we serve the living God by the love that we have for each other and gradually but surely, we are getting there. The gay christian community is getting stronger everyday and soon, that dividing wall will fall down. There will be no greek or gentile or jew or black or white or female or male or straight or gay or trans… no divisions in christ. Satan is trying to distract the body of christ with these gay arguments but the body of christ will beat this. we will overcome this. God is patient with us. we will overcome. we will come to love each other. Just like you, Tonex is my brother. we are family. heirs together with christ. one body united by love in christ.

  15. Charlie James Brown says:

    How many times should we forgive? Seven Times? Smh at so called Christians. Go read the Word and pray for this brother!

  16. CG says:

    So Tonex Is Back, Hmm. Who’s Going to Be His Opening Act, Miley Cyrus?? #NoOrderWhatsoever,NONE!!!

  17. Big T says:

    I replied to Alfred with this link, but I seriously want to know how people feel about this February 2013 article. Did anything change in the last few months that I don’t know about, or is B.Slade still an openly gay recording artist who does not apologize for his sexuality? Yes, he can record and sing any type of music he chooses, and yes we can choose not to attend the event if we have a problem with his double lifestyle. The bigger thing is to pray for his healing, whether he thinks he needs it or not. I don’t think God gave the man his gift to sing, “If I was your girlfriend”…he needs to put his hands back on the plow completely and leave that “other” stuff alone. Noone has to agree with me on that last point, just my personal opinion. Last time I saw Tonex in concert, it was a concert with…wait for it……Tye Tribbett. This was years ago, during a time when his sexuality was just speculation. “Make Me Over” could touch the hearts of many….I’m just gonna pray that this plea to the Lord will truly be his testimony one day. I know he loves the Lord. I know it’s in there. I pray that Tonex truly does return.

  18. Neo tha god says:

    Internet christians are annoying! A book says its okay to judge, so that makes it okay? Dumest shit ever. Period.

  19. Neo tha god says:

    *Dumbest* I know you guys love perpetuating superiority. If religion doesn’t do it, finding grammatical and spelling errors will. smh

  20. Bro E says:

    I believe it would be great to have a reborn Tonex. But there are a couple of things we as christians need to do until that time. As long as his fruits are not representing Christ we need to keep him in prayer and warn others that he is not representing Christ. Until that time he is risking his precious soul to go to hell because his lack of repentance of that sin. This is not about Tonex. This is not about me or you. This is about people that identify themselves as christians and this either gives our holy and sovereign Messiah a good or a bad name. As long as he hasn’t publically denounced his own publically stated view on homosexuality he is risking other peoples souls who think it is right to have homosexual feelings and/or practices.
    I also think it is a bad start to talk about “a Tonex who is back”. Does this mean he will continue and make music like he did? I surely hope not. I believe something has gone wrong somewhere down the line. If you are able to worship The Lord and bring others into worship while you live a perpetual sinful life/thoughts you really need more than ‘he’s back’. I as a Christian personally don’t want the ‘old Tonex’. I want a new one. A brother. A Tonex that hates his sin. A Tonex that testifies how God saved him from the pit. A Tonex that glorifies God for showing him mercy by the strength of the Holy Spirit. Repentance is more than crying during service or showing brokenness in public. Repentance is and will be recognized by fruits. Let us pray for a new Tonex that will glorify God and not settle for a refurberished one. We know God is able to get him out so we or Tonex should not settle for less.

    James 1:22 Do not
    merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.
    23 Anyone
    who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks
    at his face in a mirror 24 and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately
    forgets what he looks like. 25 But whoever looks intently
    into the perfect law that gives freedom,
    and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will
    be blessed in what they do.

  21. JCL says:

    I really don’t see the reasoning some are arguing for this guy. I think the Gospel music awards or whatever he is going to be a part of it it’s to blame. They should never allow a person or persons like Tonex be a part of anything like this. It’s really simple people sin is sin! This is why God said that all sin no matter how big or small will cause our lives. He knew that we will justify our sins. Let’s pray for this brother salvation this is what God would want us to do. Then when he turns away from his wrong doings lets all celebrate on here his salvation. There is much power in unity but the devil knows if he can keep us divided he will conquer. The word of God is the most powerful weapon there is. Let’s put it in to use to help save this brother. May God forgive us all, may God bless us all and may God grant us our prayer for Tonex to come back home.

  22. Reality12 says:

    @Reese You are spot on !

  23. ruth njiru says:

    i never knew who this is, i know the song make me over and so i googled it, and came across this person tonex. then i googled his name and i saw that he divorced his wife and he is gay.
    all i can say is that Christ requires us to be righteous. we can sing and praise and do everything but if we are not righteous, we will never please God.

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